Student Reviews

Name: Leonardo Scarpelli
Country: Brazil
Occupation: Business Man
Interests: Read, play football, travel

"Dont even think twice, go to Mandarin House and study." [More]

Name: Gabriel Barreto
Country: Brazil
Occupation: Student
Languages spoken: Portuguese, English
Interests: Music, Football, Watching Xiaoxin, Sleeping, Studying Chinese

"Chinese is a unique language and the only way to learn it is coming here" [More]

Name: Maria Paula
Country: Colombia
Occupation: Communicator and literature studies
Languages spoken: Spanish, French, English

"My advice to the future students is to be open-minded, relaxed and enjoy." [More]

Name: Mercedes Aline Arslanian
Country: Argentina
Interests: Traveling, exploring, learning new things
Languages spoken:English, Spanish, Armenian

"It is different from all the other languages I speak, and it is fun and challenging!" [More]

Name: Diego Gilardoni
Country: Switzerland
Occupation: Communication Consultant
Languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish

“With the proper amount of homework the results are really surprising” [More]

Name: Manon Fishman
Country: France
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Chinese
Interests:Play piano, kung fu and taijiquan, watch kung fu movies with Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, listen to Chinese music

"I’m crazy about China, maybe one day I will work in this country" [More]

Name: Irina Planeck
Country: Germany
Occupation: Student
Languages: German, English, Chinese, Japanese
Interests: Riding, traveling, Asian culture and languages

“In my opinion Mandarin House is the best place to learn Chinese.” [More]

Name: Ninette Bohbot
Country: France
Occupation: Photographer
Languages: French, English
Interests: Read, cinema, yoga, Qi Gong

“Students should come to China open-minded and get prepared to be surprised” [More]

Name: Mirjam Wolf
Country: Switzerland
Languages: Swiss German, German, French, English

“Come with an open mind, embrace the experience. And above all, do home stay” [More]

Name: Katarína Jánošová
Country: Slovakia
Occupation: Student
Languages: Slovak, German, English, Spanish
Interests: Dancing, swimming, horse riding

“Use all the opportunities to speak with Chinese people, and stay at a host family!” [More]


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