Name: Mirjam Wolf
Country: Switzerland
Languages: Swiss German, German, French, English

“Come with an open mind, embrace the experience. And above all, do home stay”

Q. Why are you learning Chinese?
A. I am very interested in China, its culture and people and think learning the language is one of the essential parts of getting to know a country and its people.

Q. How are you finding your studies in China and what do you think about Mandarin House?
A. I have been studying a lot, but the reward of being able to communicate is fantastic. I love my accommodation which is with a wonderful Chinese family, I can only recommend to do home stay, it adds so much to my experience in China and improves my language skills faster. I am also very happy with the teachers at Mandarin House.

Q. What is your most memorable experience in China?
A. There are so many experiences – everyday something new. Memorable are the subway rides every morning during rush hour, my trip to the countryside with my Chinese friends, the local market here in Shanghai and of course all the wonderful Chinese dishes.

Q. What tips would you give to students who are planning to study in China?
A. Come with an open mind and an open heart, embrace the experience and make every moment count. And above all, do home stay.

Q. What is your favorite Chinese food/dish?
A. All the dishes my Chinese family cook for me every day.

Q. How difficult/easy was it to adjust to life in China?
A. It’s not as easy as I expected, I guess home stay is more challenging – but it’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

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