Name: Manon Fishman
Country: France
Languages: French, English, Spanish, Chinese
Interests:Play piano, practice kung fu and taijiquan, watch kung fu movies with Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, listen to Chinese music

"I’m crazy about China, maybe one day I will work in this country"

Q. Why are you learning Chinese? In which course are you?
A. I’m crazy about China, maybe one day I will work in this country.

Q. How are you finding your studies in China and what do you think about Mandarin House?
A. I think the teachers at Mandarin House are great and really nice.

Q. What is your most memorable experience in China?
A. When I was travelling all around China, I visited Beijing, Xi’an, Yangshou, etc. It was amazing!

Q. What do you find most interesting about Shanghai?
A. It’s a very big city and going shopping is very funny.

Q. How difficult/easy was it to adjust to life in China?
A. My uncle lives and works in Pudong, so I’m not really worried and I’ve got a Chinese friend who speaks French, so it’s easy for me.

Q. What was your biggest culture shock?
A. Chinese people are very respectful, I was surprised.

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