Name: Sawitree Laoprapassorn
Country: Thailand
Interests: Reading books, surfing internet     

"In class the teacher always encouraged me to speak"

Q: Has the program been as you expected?
Yes, I have had lots of opportunities to practice my speaking skill which is my main goal, especially during class. Because the teacher always encouraged me to speak.

Q: What do you find most interesting about Beijing?
The combination of traditional and modern aspects. For example, you can choose either to go shopping in large department or visit historical places.

Q: Tell us a few memorable experiences in China ?
Bargaining for goods in China.

Q: What advice/tips would you give to others who plan to come and study in China ?
Keep your mind open to everything and try new things. For example, try new food and understand Chinese culture and lifestyle. You will have a valuable experience in China!

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