Prepare to Get Your Chinese Certified with the HSK!

The HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi is the official Chinese proficiency test and is recognized by universities and companies around the world. It is divided into 6 levels. The first level includes 150 Chinese words while level 6 includes around 5,000 words.

In addition to serving university and company requirements, many Mandarin House students decide to take the HSK simply as a way to set a goal for their Chinese learning. If you currently know around 200 Chinese words and are comfortable using them, then you might want to aim for HSK 2 in a month or two.

Learning Chinese can seem like an endless process, but by achieving a certain HSK level, it will help you to see your progress. It is an objective standard and by measuring your previous Chinese learning success, you will be motivated to continue to a higher level.

While the HSK is a test of modern Chinese and standard usage, it is a standardized exam and students should understand how the test is designed in order to pass it. Each section of the test has a time limit and you must be well-prepared in order to answer the questions accurately and quickly.

Mandarin House designed special programs to prepare students for each level of the HSK. The Comprehensive 30 Courses focus on the strategies for the different types of Chinese language skills of listening, vocabulary and grammar points.

So whatever your current Chinese language level, we encourage you to keep going and achieve your goals!

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Mandarin House is an official registered testing center for the HSK.



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