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Summer Reviews

Name: Melina, 10
Country: Spain



"Here you learn, but also have fun. I made lots of friends from all nationalities, and as everybody else, I really enjoyed the cultural activities!"

Name: Tatiana, 13
Country: USA



"I really like to know people from different places and share with them the activities in the afternoon. It is fun!"

Name: Luben, 14
Country: Venezuela


"You really have to study to improve your Chinese, but with activities it is always more fun. I really enjoyed the Lase Tak"

Name: Rachele, 15
Country: Italy



"I really like that in class 99% of time we are interacting with each other, that means practice and practice. The sport activities are fun, especially the ping pong."

Name: Cristina, 10
Country: USA



"I like to play while learning at class. I enjoyed the mask paiting and the laser tak!"

Name: Jasper, 11
Country: England and Australia



"Classes are fun, I really like when the teacher asks and everyone wants to be the first to answer. Now I have lots of friends from all over the world."

Name: Andrea and Nora, 15
Country: Norway



"Our father is Chinese, so we came to learn the language, as back at home we don't use it. We are very happy to be here! We can't wait to meet new friends and glearn more about Chinese culture."

Name: Macy, 9
Country: England



"I learned Chinese at Mandarin House three years ago, and now I am enjoying the summer camp. I loved it here, specially the bus tour and the pottery activity"

Name: Ignacio, 16
Country: Spain


" I really enjoyed the bus tour through the city. Shanghai is amazing! I am staying with a Homestay family for 3 weeks, and so far it's been a fantastic adventure."

Name: Laura, 10
Country: Scotland


"I like this summer camp, because I made lots of friends from all over the world. We laughed together, we played in class and my favorite activity was cooking dumplings all together!"


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