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Summer Reviews

Name: Daijena Wang



"Very good books, especially since they talk about daily life. Good variety of activities both inside and outside the school. In the evening I like to spend the time together with my friends. You can never be bored."

Name: Yolanda Xu Cheng
Country: Spain



"I like the classes and the books! I also came last year and really like it! The apartment is good and the activities. I enjoyed the bus tour excursion through Shanghai."

Name: Yusuke Takeshita
Country: Japan



"I have spent a very good time here. I had lots of fun with my roommates, I made lots of friends. The classes are not crowded and the school environment is very nice. The teacher only uses English as last resort which is very good."

Name: Jonathan Beech



"The classes are fine and go by very quick! I had fun during the activities, specially ping pong and the open-bus tour."

Name: Gian Wirjawan



"I am using Chinese for everything. My speaking skills have improved a lot. I like better these books with pinyin than my books back at home."

Name: Louis Wang



"The classes were good. Of course I liked the most the ping pong and Chinese sports activities."

Name: Roberta Cresto Gambarova (Rebecca's mother)
Country: Italy

"With my 11 old daughter I never felt insecure here in China."

Name: Gregorio Concha-Toro
Country: United States

"I not only practice my Chinese but also know a lot of culture."

Name: Liliana Concha-Toro (Gregorio's mother)
Country: United States
Interests: Dancing, Biking, Reading

"Everybody at MH did a terrific job"

Name: Eddie Boyd
Country: United States

"Lots of time to learn words and lots of time to practice around other teachers"


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